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Aug 22, 2004
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Qatar Friday Sermon: How Women Mistreat Their Husbands

#215 | 04:19
Source: Qatar TV

The following are excerpts from a Friday sermon in Qatar broadcast live by Qatar TV:

Qatar Friday Sermon

When we bring these maids we are not allowed to abandon the principles of Islamic law. I do not understand how a wife agrees to the maid being the one who receives her husband at the door, the one who prepares his food and drink, the one who prepares his clothes, and opens the door for him. I do not understand how the wife can be satisfied with the maid performing these tasks.

Many of the women who were lax in this respect paid a steep price: families were destroyed and marital trust was betrayed when the wife failed in this respect. When a maid enters our households, we must set red lines for her. A maid is forbidden to have dealings with the husband. The wife should be the one who serves food to her husband. She must sit down and serve him his food. She should act with tenderness so that he eats. She should smile while he eats and keep quiet while he sleeps. A wise woman makes sure she is the one who serves the husband.

She does not necessarily have to prepare the food, but she must be the one who serves it in order to be blessed. She must be the one who supervises the preparation of the food. One often hears men boast of their wives' food. This is meaningful.

And you, the man, if you have a wife who serves you and gives you food and drink, you must behave towards her as the Prophet behaved. You must be forthcoming with praise and thanks. You must praise her in detail: For the presentation, for the taste, for the fragrance, for the color and for the preparation of the food. Women love praise.


Sometimes a wife is at home but when the husband arrives, she shows no interest in him. Worse than that: Sometimes the husband comes home and his wife is out. She went to the neighbor or to the market. She is not interested in her husband and his welfare. Worse still are those women who receive their husbands with a long face. She meets him in order to give him a list of complaints: the eldest boy broke another window, the second hit his sister in the eye; your sister said so-and-so; your mother did so-and-so. This man regrets even coming home.

Guardianship (of men over women) is one of man's rights. He has these capabilities. But we live in times in which groups in the nation have become subjugated to the infidel countries. They have demanded equality between man and woman, but there will never be equality, because equality can only exist between two similar things. You can compare a car can to another car, but you cannot compare a car to a fridge.

Man and woman are not equal. One of the wonders of Allah's creation of Man is that there are over a hundred differences between men and women: in their way of thinking, in the size of their brains, in the means they use for thinking, in every thing, small or large. Allah created man to perform certain tasks and woman to perform other tasks.

Allah created the woman in such a way that she does not feel secure unless she is protected and safeguarded by a strong man. Some say that a woman who tells other women that "my husband does not interrogate me. I come and go and he never interrogates me" hides defeat in her soul. She is aching within herself, because a woman loves to be in the company of a man with a personality, a man who forbids her to leave without his permission. His protecting her is proof that he loves her.

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