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Feb 23, 2015
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Qatar Elite Slandered on Egyptian TV Channel: Homosexual, Lesbian, Whores, CIA and Mossad Agents

#4819 | 04:21
Source: Sada Al-Balad (Egypt)

During a February 23 TV show on the Egyptian Sada Al-Balad TV channel, Egyptian journalist Nabil Sharaf Al-Din told the viewers that former Qatari prime minister Hamad bin Jassim was a homosexual and a CIA and Mossad agent, and that his daughter Salwa was a lesbian and a prostitute.

Following are excerpts:

Egyptian journalist Nabil Sharaf Al-Din: Let me say something – and I'm responsible for what I say: Hamad bin Jassim is a known homosexual. There are recordings showing him…

Interviewer: You mean the former Qatari prime minister?

Nabil Sharaf Al-Din: Yes, him.

Interviewer: Were these recordings made outside Qatar?

Nabil Sharaf Al-Din: Yes, in London. He was caught on tape in London, and the Israeli intelligence found out. That's how the CIA later recruited him.


Retired Egyptian General Mahmoud Mansour: Where is the Iranian shah today? Didn't America sell him out?! It will sell you out too, Sheik Tamim, along with the entire House of Khalifah. They will bring over someone even more despicable than you to run Qatar. He will be even less than a shoe. He will be a plastic flip-flop shower shoe, worn by America.


There is a guy called Bernard Lévi. Yes, he's well known. He's their godfather.

Interviewer: His name is Bernard-Henri Lévi.

Mahmoud Mansour: He is the godfather of all the coups and attempted revolutions. He travels between Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Egypt… He nominated Wael Ghonim for an international award.

Interviewer: He took pictures with the rebels at Tahrir Square.

Mahmoud Mansour: He went to Libya and took pictures there… Well, that man is a Jew. He is not merely a Jew. He's a Zionist! Let's put this aside for a moment. Let's move to the emir of ISIS, he imam of the neo-Muslims – or the so-called Muslims, who wrap themselves in large robes on which they write: "We are Muslims"… You mean those terrorist murderers. Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is an Israeli intelligence officer. He took photos with Netanyahu, Dick Cheney, and many others in the U.S. Then he got out of there…

His original name is Shimon Elliot, but he changed it to Ibrahim bin Awad bin Ibrahim Al-Badri Al-Radwi Al-Husseini. Al-Husseini goes back to Hussein himself. He has turned himself into a descendent of the Prophet Muhammad, while we are just Muslim nobodies or plain infidels. We are not on a par with Shimon Elliot.


Interviewer: Who is Salwa bint Hamad? What's her story?

Voice of anti-terror expert Dr. Zakariyya Salem: [She is the daughter of] the former prime minister…

Interviewer: You mean Hamad bin Jassim?

Zakariyya Salem: That's right.

Interviewer: Is there a problem with her too?

Zakariyya Salem: Yes, sir. She was arrested at a brothel. She was a photographed there.

Interviewer: You don't say?! The daughter of Hamad bin Jassim?!

Zakariyya Salem: Yes, sir.

Interviewer: I don't know this story. Do tell… What's more, she's a lesbian. What was the story there?

Zakariyya Salem: Her name is Salwa. She used to go to London and meet with a bunch of guys. One of these guys was taken aback by her request – she would invite six or seven guys for a single encounter…

Interviewer: Please spare our viewers the details.


Nabil Sharaf Al-Din: Egypt will be victorious, Allah willing. It will not fall prey to that son of a bitch, Qatar.

Interviewer: Enough. I can't take it anymore. He's hopeless… Once again, I apologize. I keep apologizing today for Nabil Sharaf Al-Din. It's terrible…

Nabil Sharaf Al-Din: That's what people are saying…

Interviewer: Enough. I want to wrap up the show.


We will now show you a puzzle. I would like you to solve this puzzle and send us your solutions. I'd like you to solve this nice puzzle. We can work on it together. Please show it to the viewers before the show ends. Here it is: "Who is whose husband? Who is whose son? and so on. Whoever solves this puzzle will win a special prize.


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