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Feb 21, 2024
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Prominent Russian Philosopher Alexander Dugin: America Is Firing Missiles At Russia, Provoking Nuclear War; Americans Must Wake Up – The Ukraine War Is Not A Marvel Movie In Which 'Spider Man Zelensky' Will Suddenly Defeat 'Doctor Evil Putin'

#10917 | 02:49
Source: Online Platforms - "NewRulesGeopolitics on X"

Prominent Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin said in an English-language interview that was posted on the NewRulesGeopolitics X account on February 17, 2024 that the purpose of Russian President Vladimir Putin's recent interview with American pundit Tucker Carlson was to disprove the American public's conception that the war in Ukraine resembles a Marvel movie in which "Spider Man Zelensky" will use "special powers" to suddenly defeat "Doctor Evil Putin." He said that "outside the cinema hall," U.S. President "Sleepy Joe" Biden and "the idiots" who surround him are firing missiles at Russia, which is a nuclear power. He warned: "A response at any moment could result in [a] mutual nuclear strike. You think you [are] watching TV, [but] no, you are just provoking nuclear war [and] the extinction of mankind." He asked if the average Americans are willing to sacrifice everything for "these crazy globalist elites," adding: "Wake up! The movie is over."

Alexander Dugin: "I think the visit of Tucker Carlson, as well, was centered to bring to American population and to Western population, and the world population in general, idea that outside, behind this Marvel sense of ‘Spider-man Zelensky’ fighting ‘Doctor Evil Putin’, and it will be, by miracle, by using special power and superhero, he will overcome in one moment because, it is just in the scenario of Marvel.

"The reality behind such a stupid movie is that America attacks by missiles the nuclear power – Russia. So outside of this cinema hall, the reality is quite different. So you are firing, with your Patriot structure missiles, the old Russian cities as Belgorod, and you hit nuclear power. So a response at any moment could result in to the mutual nuclear strike."

Interviewer: "Mutual, exactly."

Dugin: "At any moment. So if you think you watch the TV, no, you are just provoking the nuclear war and self-destruction of all humanity. That is very important message of Tucker Carlson. Look what are you doing. What this crazy old Sleeping Joe is doing with his idiots around him.

"You attack a nuclear power, you provoke extinction of the human being, mankind. So that is exactly what you are doing. Are you ready, middle, average American, are you ready to sacrifice yourself, your family, your wife, your children, your people, your country to these crazy globalist elite? Wake up, wake up! The movie is over. So let’s come to date, let’s come to the reality…"

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