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Jan 04, 2008
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Pro-Syrian Lebanese Politician Wiam Wahhab: Condoleezza Rice Is a Lesbian; Jumblatt Is Treated in a French Mental Asylum; Sa'd Al-Hariri Does Not Follow Politics and Spends His Nights Playing Computer Games

#1661 | 02:28
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Wiam Wahhab, a former Lebanese minister, which aired on Al-Manar TV on January 4, 2008:

Interviewer: [Head of Syrian intelligence in Lebanon] Rustum Ghazaleh used to rule the country. Prime Minister Siniora, like others, like yourself, had to report to him.

Wiam Wahhab: Just like he has to report to Rice now? I never asked the Syrians to intervene and protect me. Like he goes, at the end of the day, to cry on the shoulder of that lesbian who came to rule us, Condoleezza Rice?


Walid [Jumblatt] is going to Paris these days to be treated in a lunatic asylum called Sainte-Anne in France. Everybody knows this. Walid has been suffering from a neurological disease for the past three of four years. He is going to be treated abroad...

Interviewer: What's the name of the hospital?

Wiam Wahhab: Sainte-Anne.

Interviewer: How do you know this?

Wiam Wahhab: Everybody knows this. All the Lebanese and French people in Paris recognize him. All the people there know him.


Sa'd [Al-Hariri] has not read what Walid Mualem said or even his own statement. I am absolutely sure of this.

Interviewer: So who wrote his statement?

Wiam Wahhab: Someone did. You know who it was. He never read either statement. The problem is not only with him, but with a whole bunch of people.

Interviewer: But all the leaders have advisors who write their statements. This is nothing new.

Wiam Wahhab: But one should watch political TV shows – not just watch entertainment shows on TV for seven of eight hours. Anyone who wants to be a politician should read the papers. They must watch political TV shows. He shouldn't spend his nights playing Atari.

Interviewer: How do you know that he does?

Wiam Wahhab: It's a free country, everybody knows.

Interviewer: You know everything, huh?

Wiam Wahhab: It's not me. Everybody knows this, but only I have the courage to say it.


Interviewer: What if George Bush comes to Beirut?

Wiam Wahhab: Brother, I would try my luck. I have several hundred men, and I want to try and prevent him from entering Lebanon, like he prevented me from entering America. I can deploy them along the airport road and stop him. Am I not free to do that?

Interviewer: How would they stop him?

Wiam Wahhab: By raising posters against him.

Interviewer: Just with posters?

Wiam Wahhab: They will also sleep along the road, and they can run them over with their armored vehicles.

Interviewer: That's what you will do?

Wiam Wahhab: Yes, we will try out luck.

Interviewer: You have a personal vendetta with the American president?

Wiam Wahhab: Yes... There is a vendetta between the two families.

Interviewer: You passed a decision to prevent him from entering the town of Al-Jahiliya...

Wiam Wahhab: The town council passed this decision, and has frozen his assets in the town's banks.

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