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Mar 14, 2004
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A Pro-Saddam Egyptian Journalist Justifies the Gassing of Kurds

#8 | 01:38
Source: Dream TV (Egypt)

The privately owned Egyptian channel, Dream2 TV, hosted a debate about the situation in Iraq. Egyptian journalist, Sayyed Nassar, the last journalist to interview Saddam Hussein, participated in the debate. Following are excerpts from his comments:

Sayyed Nassar: (The Iraqi) constitution is a conspiracy. It is not a constitution. It is not a law. It is a conspiracy to increase the disintegration of the Iraqi State. Our Kurdish brothers have the right to be happy with it, since they are the primary beneficiaries of its weaknesses.

At the end of the day, the story of this constitution is an exaggerated cosmetic operation. All the constitutions of the world, including the Nazi constitution, the constitution of the USSR during Stalin's time, and all of the other dictatorships in the world - when you read the text of the constitution it tries to present a pretty image of democracy.

But in implementation, things are different. The Iraqi regime resorted to massacring the Kurds, only after the Kurds had rebelled against the Iraqi regime and against the constitution itself. Meaning, no one told Mustafa Barazani, and before him Sheikh Mahmoud, and afterwards Talabani, and the group of Barazni the son, who exist today: Rebel against the regime?

Moderator: Spare us stories of the past...

Nassar: But, who was massacred? And who was the reason for the massacres? Who carried out the massacres?

Moderator: Meaning, you are blaming the victims for the massacres?

Nassar: Excuse me, if people would rebel against me in South (Egypt), like the Al-Nakhila gang and others, don't I have the right to resist this? The Iraqi state's resistance to the Kurdish rebellion was a duty.

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