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Jun 13, 2018
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Pro-ISIS Video Threatens Attacks on World Cup, Shows Russia's Sochi Stadium in Flames

#6618 | 04:12
Source: The Internet

On June 13, the pro-ISIS media outlet Al-'Adiyat released a short video threatening attacks on the 2018 World Cup soccer tournament in Russia. The video consists mainly of a compilation of combat footage from ISIS videos documenting battles in Mosul, Iraq, with a segment from a 2016 video released by the organization's Caucasus branch in which operatives issue threats to Russia. The final scene is an animated clip of a drone with an ISIS logo surveilling the Olympic village in Sochi and the stadium where the World Cup games are to be held, followed by animated explosions.

Man 1: "Nobody knows that we are mujahideen and that we are operating here in the city – not our families, not our friends, not our work colleagues, and not even our brothers. It is only these few people, and they have been working together for many years. You have been arresting us and you have been afraid of us just because of our beards, even though we have not done anything. You were afraid of what we would do today, and you wanted to postpone it, but today, Allah willing, we will not postpone fighting you anymore. Nobody knows that we are setting out today. We have been lying in wait for you, just like predators do with their prey. I say to the tyrannical rulers: If this group does not get you, another will, Allah willing. We are not ten people, or twenty, or even fifty – we are more. Only Allah knows how many people we have. We are among you, we are your relatives, we are from your cities and villages, we are everywhere. We are lying in wait for you, and we know everything about your moves, Allah willing. So watch out for that moment, watch your cars, watch your homes. The brothers are going to hunt you down, Allah willing."


Man 2: "I say to the infidels of Russia: Oh infidels, we are going to get to you after we kill the apostates. By Allah, our soldiers are among you. Oh infidels in Volgograd, watch out. By Allah, we are among you. Oh Jews and Christians, you will not find peace. By Allah, we have sharpened our knives, and we are coming for you. By Allah, the vanguard of our army will get to you, not only from Iraq and Syria, but also from our army in Russia. By Allah, the Province of Caucasus is not our only force. By Allah, you have been defeated the day you waged war against Islam. By Allah, oh Putin, you dog, you will burn in the Hellfire, Allah willing. You will have no protector, and the Devil will leave you on your own. By Allah, oh Russian people, know that we will kill you, because of this tyrant who started a war against us. By Allah, he started the war for his personal goals, but you will be the ones who will pay the price. By Allah, you will not find peace – not even in your homes. By Allah, we will enter your homes, we will take you and slaughter you, even if you hide behind your women. By Allah, we will take your women captive, and we will enslave your children."


On screen: "Preparations for surveillance and reconnaissance. Surveillance and reconnaissance of targets. The operation will be executed in the heart of the Crusaders' land."

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