July 20, 2018
Clip No.

Pro-ISIS Media Outlet Circulates Video Calling for Biological Attacks in the West

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This transcript was prepared from the original English subtitles of the video.

Narrator: "Phrases mixed with the dust of death. American figures transferred to hospitals immediately after receiving messages from an anonymous. It is a silent disaster... Where neither the explosions nor the panic of the Crusader police cars is heard only, death spreads, victims fall. One after the other... in 1422 AH Crusader security services are shocked by Islamic bombing that shook the city of New York that turned its streets into pools of blood. Before America is able to collect the pieces of its citizens scattered all over the place it gets hit by the most dangerous strike. The atoms of the city’s air are contaminated by infectious germs and fatal bacterial diseases attached with letters with threatening words and phrases that makes US government remembers its chemical massacres and the crimes it committed against the vulnerable people and warns that the people of truth attained the ability to exact vengeance against their enemy

"It was not long before... The American hospitals announced the deaths of hundreds, hundreds of cases that have been infected with foreign viruses. Bacteria has been developed and produced in large numbers to be inhaled by the victim and then the symptoms of the disease begins to increase. This is the expected punishment for the oppressive US policy or! Bioterror as they call it."

On Screen: "Islam prohibits the use of this type of mass terrorism and allows it in the exception of repelling aggression and reciprocity."

Narrator: "While the world is watching silently! The European governments are developing satanic chemical attack systems to be brutally tested on the cities and peoples, which refused humiliation and humiliation so the Muslim countries in Africa and Khorsan turned into testing fields of phosphorus bombs and toxic gas. The crusader alliance continues bombing Mosul, Raqqa, Al-Anbar and others... with various types of chemical bombs and incendiary gases. And similar to the enemies of God! We invite you, oh Muwahid [monotheist] who lives between the Mushrikeen [idolaters] that you clean the dust of humiliation and to renew the fatal nightmare in the land of the devil worshipers with a silent destructive weapon. It can not be detected or tracked it can not be escaped or avoided with simple equipment, extract the most harmful viruses and infection bacteria then release them safely by following these simple steps: First, try to find the most severe epidemics to treat."

On Screen: "Hantavirus, derived from the feces and droppings of rats that carry the plague of the most serious plague at the moment. The Cholera virus is extracted from the patient's waste. Typhoid bacteria, found in human and animal wastes in general and frequent in the dirty areas."

Narrator: "Second, spread the bacteria extracted by type as follows."

On Screen: "Sprinkle the liquid substances or the basics of bacteria with drinking water to take effect automatically. Sprinkle the crushed material on exposed fruit and public foods or scatter them in the air in crowded places – with caution."

Narrator: "Third, try to be safe and avoid any danger that may affect you during the preparation of harmful substances."

On Screen: "Work in a room with natural and industrial ventilation. Wear gloves and blouses during work. Put the goggles and goggles – according to chemical process requirements. Do not touch or inhale the materials. Isolating the workplace from the rest of the house. Wash your hands with sterile soap and water after each test."

Off-Screen Voice: "To our brothers in Aqidah [creed] and Iman [faith] in Europe, America, Russia, Australia, and elsewhere, your brothers in your lands have absolved themselves of blame so leap onto their tracks and take an example from their actions and know that Jannah [paradise] is beneath the shadows of swords."