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Sep 23, 2014
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Pro-ISIS Jordanian Lawyer Majed Al-Leftawi: Obama Is a Slave, a Mule; We Will Rule the World

#4516 | 02:59
Source: Alghad (UAE/Egypt)

In a recent TV interview, Jordanian Islamist lawyer Majed Al-Leftawi, a supporter of ISIS, called the U.S. air strikes in Syria "media firecrackers" and said that Obama was a "White House slave, a mule." He further said: "The conquests will begin here [in the Levant] and will encompass the whole world." The interview aired on September 23, 2014 on Al-Ghad Al-Arabi TV, a UAE channel broadcasting from the U.K.

Following are excerpts from an interview with pro-ISIS Jordanian Lawyer Majed Al-Leftawi,which aired on September 23, 2014:

Majed Al-Leftawi: "The "firecracker strategy" employed by America is meant to cover up its shameful defeat. America left Iraq with its tail between its legs. America is engaged in comic warmongering. As the military experts say, all the cruise missiles and air strikes are nothing but media firecrackers, and will be futile unless America engages in a ground war. America is still suffering from its shameful defeat when it left Iraq in 2011.


Those Byzantine blondes [Westerners] know that the decisive confrontations will take place here, in the Levant, and that their greatest graveyard is in Armageddon, here in the Levant. That is why they are fighting by means of failing mercenaries and proxies, but their dollars are not getting the job done. Therefore, those blondes, and first and foremost the White House slave, Obama the mule, as he was called by Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani...

Host: Sir, out of respect for our show, please do not use such words.

Al-Leftwai: It is well known that military confrontations are decided only on the ground, and this is something that America has not done since 2003, when it occupied Iraq and violated the sovereignty of its people on land, in the air, and at sea. What was it doing in Iraq? Taking a stroll and handing out flowers? America was defeated in Iraq, and we want the media to...

Host: The people you defend are the ones dragging the US, Britain, and their allies into this.

Al-Leftawi: No, sir. This is not a provocation. The Caliphate is returning. Islam will once again rule the world, and we will conquer Rome.


The reason for the war against the Caliphate is that it has a plan to conquer the world, starting from here, from the Levant. The Levant is the head, and Egypt and Iraq are the wings. The conquests will begin here and will encompass the whole world.


Host: Aren't you afraid of being arrested for saying these things?

Al-Leftawi: Sir, the Jordanian constitution and law guarantee one's freedom of opinion. No idea poses any danger as long as it does not aim to change the regime.


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