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Oct 12, 2023
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Pro-Iran Lebanese TV Channel Posts Hebrew-Language Video Addressing "The Occupation Settlers": The Solution For Rocket Attacks Is For You To Leave Palestine, As Fast As A Rocket

#10521 | 01:21
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

Mayadeen TV (Lebanon), which is affiliated with the Iranian-led "resistance axis," posted on October 12, on its YouTube channel a video titled "To the Occupying Settlers – the Solution Is Clear" calling on Israelis to leave. The video, which uses AI generated images, states that the only solution for the "desperate settlers" to stop the rocket attacks is for them to "leave Palestine, as fast as a rocket."

Narrator: "Free advice to the desperate settlers: Every time you hear the same promises from Lapid, Netanyahu, Gantz, and Bennett – that the rockets will stop and the resistance will not reach you, about you will not go back, terrified, to the shelters, and that strong army will defend you, but again, you are hiding, terrified. The solution is simple, but it does not lie with the Netanyahu, his cabinet members, or his generals. The solution is for you to leave Palestine, as fast as a rocket."

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