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Jul 09, 2004
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President of Cairo's Palestinian Women Association on the PalestinianMothers' Birth Rate and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

#152 | 02:44
Source: Iqra TV (Saudi Arabia)

Samira Abu Ghazala, president of the Association of Palestinian women in Cairo was interviewed on the Saudi-based religious channel Iqra TV. The following are excerpts:

Abu Ghazala: Even before I learned about the occupation, when I was in elementary school, I used to run away with three of my friends, whom I remember to this day, Jaida and Nadin. We used to run away with stones, and wait. The road leading the Jewish immigrants from Jaffa to Jerusalem ran behind the school. We would wait there and throw stones at them. The stone started there.

As you know, the extremists, fanatics, and those who currently control America, the Christians Born Today - the Christian Jews, claim that this is the land given to them by God, including even in Iraq. Do you know what they are planning for Iraq? Who planned its occupation? I'm convinced Sharon is the one who planned this for Bush.

It is true that they wrote their Talmud in Ur of the Chaldeans, Iraq. This was a long time ago, of course. In Saudi Arabia there were (the Jewish tribes of) Qurayza, Qaynuqa', and Nadhir. They lived with us and things ran smoothly. But when the greed began, when we lost our self respect, and lost (Palestine), we were overpowered by the hostile tyrant, who wished to steal all we had.

You are familiar with the Palestinian woman. If you tell her to stop having babies, she says, "No, we are a people has a lot of babies..." It's an insult to her.

Host: Despite these circumstances.

Abu GHazala: And the Jews are very frightened of this. They say, "If we let them be, within a few years, regardless of how many we are, they will be double." This is why we are a people that has a lot of babies. And the mother, no matter how tired she is and how much she suffers, she says to you, "I must produce boys and girls for this country." She is the one who says this. We are a people that has a lot of babies. It is well known. Among us, there's no such things as abortion and contraception.

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