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May 05, 2022
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Palestinian Political Commentator Waleed Muhammad Ali On Islamic Jihad TV: America's Arrogant Colonial Mentality Causes It To Dig Its Own Grave By Taking Risks, Betting On Losing Battles

#9549 | 01:24
Source: Palestine Today TV (Lebanon)

Palestinian Political commentator Waleed Muhammad Ali said in a May 5, 2022 show on Palestine Today TV (Palestinian Islamic Jihad) that the United States has an arrogant colonialist mentality, which is causing it to dig its own grave. He explained that the American "defeats" in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan demonstrate that America never considers the capability of the "weak" and risk gambling on losing causes. Ali further said that America is not a "civilized" nation and that it was founded on "skulls and on killing."

Waleed Muhammad Ali: "Colonialism is digging its own grave. How come? Because it is arrogant and does not see the weak and their capabilities. This is why it is always defeated, like it was in Vietnam, in Iraq, and in Afghanistan. [Colonialism] never sees that the weak may defeat it.

"It is always taking risks. If it risked sending its army to fight losing battles, why wouldn't it risk sending its lackeys to fight losing battles? It is playing a game of chance. When a gambler enters a game of chance, he may win or lose.

"This is the mentality of the United States. This is the mentality of a regime that was founded on skulls and on killing. We are not facing a civilized entity that has developed in a natural manner from a deeply-rooted civilization, like other civilizations have. [The U.S.] was founded on the skulls of others, annihilating an entire nation."

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