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Aug 05, 2020
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PLO Political Bureau Chief Anwar Abdul Hadi: Israel May Be Behind The Beirut Explosion; Israelis Have A 'Fake Biblical' Mentality That They Are The Chosen People And So Are Capable Of Any Crime

#8192 | 01:24
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Ambassador Anwar Anwar Abdul Hadi, the Head of the PLO Political Bureau and the organization top official in Damascus, said in an August 5, 2020 show on Palestine TV that since the chemicals that exploded at the Beirut port explosion had been there since 2014, it may be that Israel is behind the explosion. He said that Israel is criminal, and that Israelis have a "fake biblical" mentality that they are the Chosen People who can do whatever necessary to maintain power and continue the occupation of Palestine.

Anwar Abdul Hadi: "As we've heard, those criminals have been [at the Beirut port] since 2014, so why did this [explosion] take place now? Because now the situation is tense. Israel is in a crisis that it wants to get out of. In addition, we are used to Israel fabricating such crimes. In 1947, it bombed the homes of the Jews in Iraq in order to frighten them and make them emigrate to Palestine. This is not inconceivable. They are a bunch of criminals, and so is America, which supports these criminals and their crimes. This is not inconceivable. In my personal view, this is possible, though I cannot say that I have any information. But time will reveal what actually happened. Look for Israel. They believe that according to the Torah, they are the Chosen People, and that all other nations are inferior to them."

Host: "True."

Hadi: "When you believe in this fake biblical mentality, you may do anything in order to maintain your hegemony and to continue the occupation."

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