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Mar 20, 2021
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A Jew, An American, A Brit, And A Saudi Conspire To Destroy Shi'ite Islam In A Play Staged At Imam Reza Shrine In Mashhad, Iran

#8757 | 03:41
Source: Khorasan Razavi TV (Iran)

In a play staged at the Shrine of the 8th Imam Ali Reza in Mashhad, a Jew, an American, a Brit, and a Saudi conspire against Iran and claim that Iran seeks to annihilate Israel and destroy the entire world. The play was aired on Khorasan Razavi TV (Iran) on March 20, 2021. According to the play, the Zionists created ISIS along with the Americans in order to fight "Shi'ite Iran." The characters plot to remove the love of the Mahdi from the hearts of the Shi'ites by creating religious innovations and false messiahs, as well as turning Islamophobia into "Shiaphobia" and "Mahdiphobia." The play is concluded with children carrying Islamic banners and a song stating: "Death to America!" The play was staged in an event marking the last day of the solar year.

The Saudi: "Didn't I say he would come empty-handed?"

The American: "We decided that we need a viable plan."

The Jew: "We Zionists propose to restore ISIS."

The Brit: "You Zionists think that you can force people to do things with mortars and bullets? And, obviously, with beheadings?

The Jew: "You English better say nothing. You have been sitting idly by, waiting for the Mahdi to appear."

The American: "Gentleman, I beg you not to argue with one another. We have a shared goal - Islamophobia."

The Saudi: " With the exception of Saudi Islam" 

The Brit: "Exactly. We have no problem with the kind of Islam that gets along with us. Our plan is as follows: Shiaphobia and Mahdiphobia."

The Jew: "But we Zionists believe that no plan is better than restoring ISIS, in order to destroy the Shi'ites."

The Brit: "After all, you Zionists, along with the Americans, created ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Can you tell us where ISIS is now? ISIS did nothing but to disgrace us even more than before."

The Saudi: " And it wasted our money, the money of the Saud clan."

The American: "Gentlemen please!"

The Brit: "We depend on one another for our survival. Our problem is not Iran, it is Shi'ite Iran."

The Saudi: "What is the difference?"

The Brit: "Shi'ites believe that justice will be created only with the rule of the 12th imam."

The Saudi: "All the Iranians' regional activity boils down to laying the ground for the appearance of the Hidden Imam."

The Jew: "The only goal of the Iranians is to annihilate the Zionists."

The Brit: "You are wrong. [Their goal] is to hurt us all. The end-of-time target of those Shi'ites is not just Israel. Their target is the entire world."

The Jew: "You English talk about the Mahdi with such enthusiasm. It is as if you yourselves believe in his appearance."

The Brit: "Of course we do. How can you not believe in him? Are you Zionists fighting an imaginary enemy? What about you Saudis? Are you terrified by an imaginary imam?"

The American: "True. We Americans also believe that such a person exists. If he did not exist, we would not be gathering here."

The Brit: "The name of the promised Mahdi appears as the savior in all our sacred books."

The Saudi: "We Saudis have taken precautionary measures against his appearance in Mecca."

The Brit: "His appearance is certain, but we can still control the timing. We, the youth - this is our goal. We must do something so that instead of hoping for the Mahdi to arrive, people will wish for something else. Gentlemen, we should immediately turn Islamophobia into Shiaphobia, and ultimately into Mahdi-phobia. We must do something to make his love leave people's hearts. We will create hundreds of promised imams. Every day, a religious innovation. Every day, a false messiah. This is the only way we can survive."

Choir: "From coast to coast, all the young and all the old, clench your fists and sing with me: Death to America! Death to America! Death to America!"

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