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Jun 22, 2018
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Pittsburgh Imam Na'eem Abdullah: Blacks in America Are Under Occupation; Black Liberation Army Was Effective; Black Nationalism Is a Sunnah

#6978 | 03:12
Source: The Internet - "the Nur Uz-Zamaan Institute on YouTube"

Pittsburgh-based imam Na'eem Abdullah said during a sermon that was uploaded to the Nur Uz-Zamaan Institute's YouTube channel on June 22, 2018, that black Americans need to understand that they are "under occupation." He compared the current situation of the black man in America to the situation of the Israelites under Pharaoh in biblical Egypt, and he said that the young black man is "public enemy number one" the same way that the young Israelite males were targeted by Pharaoh. He said that black parents must teach this to their children, and that the killing of innocent black people was not reduced until the forming of groups like the Black Liberation Army, the mandate of which was "to retaliate against every officer that killed someone." Abdullah added: "You all need to think about that." During a different lecture that was uploaded to YouTube on January 12, 2019, Abdullah said that black nationalism does not contradict Islam and that it is in fact a Sunnah. The Nur Uz-Zamaan Institute, the philosophy of which is based on a program developed by Imam Abdullah, works in partnership with Masjid Al-Mu'min, where Abdullah preaches and where these lectures were delivered.

Following are excerpts:


Imam Na'eem Abdullah: An Arab Christian reverend who is from Palestine was here, in Pittsburgh. We met with him and we talked with him.




He understands what it is like living under occupation. One of the many things that we don't understand during this day, is that we are living under occupation. Some of you are not as "woke" as you think you are.




You have to understand that you are living under occupation. There is no other modern-day group that fits this category more clearly than the black man in America. No doubt about it. If you think the Quran is just a history book, you are confused.




Allah says that Pharaoh oppressed a group from amongst them. Obviously as we have been saying the whole sermon, this group was the Israelites. And how did he oppress them? He sacrificed or killed their boys. The young boy is the target. The young boy is the target in a situation like this. Yes, all of them are oppressed – the male, the female, the young, the old – but the target... Public enemy number one is the young man. During the time of Moses, it was the young man of the Israelites. In 2018 America, it is the young black man. And as parents of young black children, we have to have conversations with our children. Not just one conversation, it needs to be part of their make-up. [We need to say:] "Listen, you are living under occupation, son. Do you know what occupation means? It means that your life isn't worth anything. It means that you can get killed, and the best I could do is avenge your death, and I would get killed right after it."




The killing of innocent black people didn't stop, or didn't get reduced, until groups like the Black Liberation Army came about, and their mandate was to retaliate against every officer that killed someone. You all need to think about that.




Do us black people have the right to govern ourselves? The answer is yes. Black nationalism, the way we defined it in the beginning, does not contradict Islam. In fact, black nationalism is a Sunnah.

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