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Aug 05, 2022
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Palestinian Islamic Jihad Leader Ziyad Nakhalah: We Must Be Patient and Continue Fighting; The Zionist Entity Will Be Annihilated

#9728 | 01:38
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) leader Ziyad Nakhalah said in an August 5, 2022 interview on Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) that the "Zionist entity" will be annihilated and that the Palestinians must continue fighting and being patient. He said that there are no "red lines" in the current conflict between Israel and the PIJ, which he described as a war for survival. Nakhalah was speaking from Tehran, Iran.

Ziyad Nakhalah: "This is a time for prolonged fighting. The Zionist entity initiated this aggression, and it should expect us to fight non-stop, until victory, inshallah.


"There are no red lines in this war. Tel Aviv will be one of the targets under the reach of the resistance missiles, inshallah, and this applies to all the Zionist cities.


"Our war with the enemy is an open war. It is a war of survival – to be or not to be. Palestine is our land and we will fight to regain it, no matter how long it takes. These are the goals for which we are fighting, and this is the will of the Palestinian people. The Palestinians will continue to adhere to their resistance. The Zionist entity will be annihilated, inshallah. We are convinced that with resistance and determination, we will change the state of affairs in Palestine and the region. All we need to do is to be patient and to continue fighting. We will never accept the existence of this [Israeli] entity."

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