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Sep 05, 2018
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NY Muslim Cleric Ibn Muneer: Muslims Should Not Apologize for Prophet Muhammad Marrying a Minor, the Jews and Christians Will Never Be Pleased with You Anyway

#6772 | 04:54
Source: Online Platforms - "Imam Ibn Muneer on YouTube"

New York cleric Muhammad Ibn Muneer, who was born in Philadelphia, criticized Muslim apologists for trying to "curry favor" from people whose history is "full of shame, disgrace, [and] horror." Ibn Muneer said that since according to Western values a man who marries a nine-year-old is a pedophile and a 45-year-old man who marries an 18 year old is a cradle robber, the Prophet Muhammad would be castigated regardless of Aisha's age when he married her. Citing the Quran, he said that "the Jews and the Christians will never be pleased with you until you follow their way," and that they will "slander, lie, invent, propagate, and wage [ideological] war" against Muslims. He added that one should avoid being apologetic because "you can run, but you can't hide, from the malicious slander… of the envious infidels." The statements were made at a September 5 Q&A session held at Masjid Ahlis-Sunnah Wal-Jama'ah in Queens, New York, and which streamed live on Ibn Muneer's "Hadith Disciple" YouTube channel.

Following are excerpts:


Muhammad ibn Muneer: We have to have a few ground rules that are very, very, very important, and the first ground rule is that Allah says the Jews and the Christians will never be pleased with you until you follow their way. Whether it means you apostatize from Islam, denounce your religion, your language, your culture, or partially follow their way. So Allah tells us… And who is more truthful than Allah? As he says in the Quran, who can be more truthful than Allah? They will never be pleased with you unless you follow them. Why will someone say this? This is baseless, or that the Prophet married Aisha at such a young age, or this battle, and this, and that, and so on and so forth. In most cases, not all, but in most cases, it's not based off of someone who's jealous upon the religion of Islam and scientific knowledge and factual information. In most cases, it is said because a person is afraid, scared, and embarrassed in front of the infidels, and he wishes to take an apologetic approach to seerah, to the faith, to Jihad, to politics, in most cases. Why did the Prophet marry Aisha at such a young age, it's not correct, she was 18, because what the infidels say, of pedophilia. The Prophet married her at a young age, the Prophet saw it in a dream, the Prophet's favorite wife was Aisha, so therefore we have to change that. It can't be right. He was over 40 and she was nine? Because of the Jews and the Christians. And the sad part about it is the people that you're trying to apologize in front of and curry their favor and sit at their table spread – not even sit at their table spread, but perhaps they'll throw you a piece of meat on the floor to pick up under the table – their history is full of shame, disgrace, horror, and the list goes on, the things that they have done to establish their modern secular first-world countries.




So don't say anything about murder, or violence, or terrorism, or pedophilia, or Islam spreading by the sword. Not you. Not you. Someone else can say that, but not you. Your entire history is based off of hypocrisy, is based off of the right to rule, the right to control and conquer and dominate for no other reason except for race, ancestry. The right of discovery, "We came to this land and even though you were there first, we have the right to take it over, because of the Crucifix, and because of the color of our skin." This is the history of the United States and many many other countries in the world as well. So this is something we cannot forget. We cannot forget that, alright?




If the Prophet didn't marry Aisha at nine years old, he married her at 18 years old. According to their modern values, a 40-year-old, 43-year-old man marrying an 18-year-old woman is called what? They don't call it pedophilia, but it's still what? It's looked down upon, without a question. They'll say he's a cradle robber.




So where are you running from? If she wasn't nine, she was 18, that's still what? Looked down upon. Everyone understand this? If she wasn't nine, she was 18, and how many wives did he have? What man would have nine wives? Eleven wives? And concubines, and this, and that? He's lustful, he's this and that. You can never ever, ever, leave their harm and their annoyance.




You can run but you can't hide from the malicious slander and controversy of the envious infidels. This is a very important thing for us to never ever forget, and Allah clearly tells us, "Indeed, you will hear much annoyance and abuse from those who have been given the scriptures before you and from the polytheists." They will annoy you, they'll harm you with their tongues. They'll slander, they'll lie, they'll invent, they'll propagate, they'll wage war against you ideologically. So Allah tells us this in the Quran. Allah knows best.

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