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May 05, 2024
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Canada-Based Former PFLP Official Khaled Barakat: Israel Will Not Succeed In Turning The Palestinians In Gaza Against The Resistance, Because Resistance Fighters Are Their Brothers And Sisters

#11147 | 02:03
Source: Online Platforms - "Orinoco Tribune (Venezuela)"

Canada-based former PFLP official and activist Khaled Barakat said in an interview that was aired by Orinoco Tribune (Venezuela) on May 5, 2024 that no matter what Israel does, it will not succeed in turning the Palestinians in Gaza against the armed resistance, because the resistance fighters are the family members and friends of the Gazans. He also said that the internal front in Gaza is united, even after six months of "war crimes" and "genocide."

Khaled Barakat: "All new polls have shown that the support for the military resistance in Gaza have actually been higher today than it was ever before. Why? Because our people in Gaza understand who is besieging them. It's the United States, Israel, and Egypt, and some Palestinian collaborators, capitalist collaborators in Ramallah who are serving the Israeli occupiers. Our people in Gaza also understand that surrender is not an option. Our people in Gaza and their relationship to the armed resistance is the relationship between flesh and blood."


"Israel, with all its crimes, cannot turn the Palestinian people in Gaza against the resistance, simply because these fighters are the sons and daughters of these people, and its not like, you know, these fighters are coming from Mars or some other galaxy and landed on Gaza. They are our brothers and sisters and our friends and our family. So Israel is failing on that front."


"And you're not going to get any concessions from us or from our people. And that's because there is trust between the people and the resistance, and our internal front in Gaza is very strong. Can you imagine that in the last six months of war crimes and genocide, and our internal front is unified in Gaza."

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