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Sep 20, 2020
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Paris-Based Geopolitics Expert Dr. Imad Eddine Hamrouni: The Leading Western Intellectuals Have Adopted The Values Of Islamic Resistance; Zionism, Freemasonry Control Western Economy And Regimes

#8333 | 01:30
Source: Al-Alam Network (Iran)

Dr. Imad Eddine Hamrouni, a Paris-based Tunisian expert on geopolitics, said in a September 20, 2020 interview on Al-Alam TV (Iran) that Zionism and Freemasonry control the West, its economy, its ideology, and its regimes. He said that religion and religious values have died out in the West and that only the values of Islamic resistance have survived. Dr. Al-Hamroun elaborated that the leading non-Muslim intellectuals in the West have adopted the principles and values of the "Islam of resistance" and defend Iran and the "axis of resistance."

Dr. Imad Eddine Hamrouni: "There is a crisis of Zionism in the West. There is a Zionist economic hegemony, the Freemasons control the regimes and the ideologies. Zionism and the Freemasons stand against religious values, especially Islamic values.

"Islam is the most influential factor... Today Christianity has collapsed in the West. There are no more Christians in the West. In France, only 20-30% [of the population] is Christian. There are no more Jews left [in the West], Judaism has become a race and nationality. What else is left? There is Communism, which has collapsed, and there is Islam. Which Islam? Islam of resistance – and the interests of the weak are its top priority.

"We see that the leading intellectuals in France – Christians or leftist-secularists – have started supporting Islam of resistance. What do I mean by 'Islam of resistance?' They are not becoming Muslims, rather, they adopt its mode of conduct and the axis of resistance. Today we have intellectuals in Belgium, Germany, Britain, Italy, and France, who defend resistance, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the values of Islam, which carries the prospect of an [Islamic] awakening."

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