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May 12, 2019
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Paris-Based Lebanese Journalist Maya Khadra: French Politicians Adopt Islamist Rhetoric to Win Favors of Muslim Majority in Parisian Suburbs

#7240 | 02:50
Source: Al-Hurra TV (The U.S.)

Paris-based Lebanese journalist Maya Khadra said in a May 12, 2019 interview on Al-Hurra TV (U.S.) that some French politicians have begun using Islamist rhetoric in order to win favors of the Muslim majority in Parisian suburbs and have even visited Salafi mosques. She said that there are unlicensed organizations that operate "in the shadows" and that spread the ideologies of ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood, and that Qatar has played a major role in funding Muslim Brotherhood activity in France and Europe. She explained that the Muslim Brotherhood employs modern and progressive rhetoric and that the French government turns a blind eye to the fact that this endeavor receives foreign funding. Khadra added that the Islamists do not recognize the borders or sovereignty of countries and that they view wherever they are as their own "state" where shari'a law should be established.

Following are excerpts:


Maya Khadra: Some officials elected in Parisian suburbs with a Muslim majority – in all the suburbs of Paris there is a Muslim majority now… [The officials] change their rhetoric, and even employ Islamic rhetoric. They visit Salafi mosques.




The fear and the danger come from institutions that operate in the shadows. They are not licensed and they operate in closed places. Sometimes, they rent a hall and meet there, and they spread the ISIS ideology in France. We saw this with all of the mujahideen who left France in order to wage Jihad in Syria and in Iraq.




Qatar, for example, has played a major role in funding many extremist groups and in funding many movements of the Muslim Brotherhood in France and Europe. They always use the same deception. They employ a very progressive and modern rhetoric in order to disseminate their ideas, which target minorities and make them feel that they suffer injustice in the Western countries, and that [the Muslim Brotherhood] offers them a better, progressive world. The methods of the Muslim Brotherhood are very progressive. This entire operation is funded, but the French state turns a blind eye.




Now they regret this, because they allowed France to be swept by a big wave of extremism. The percentage of women who wear hijab… I'm talking about the niqab, not the plan hijab… 40% of the women in the suburbs of Paris wear the niqab.




They do not recognize the borders and the sovereignty of countries. There is what is called the "Islamic nation." They want to "Islamize" it. The more they expand in the country they live in… They start by expanding their neighborhood, their ghetto. Then they reach the capital, and then they expand to other areas… The more they expand, the more they gain. From their point of view, this is their own country. There was once a documentary [filmed] in the suburbs of Paris, and they asked one of the Muslims there: "The French state assists you because you do not work, so why are you against it?" He answered: "What they are paying me is the jizya [poll tax]." They have a reactionary logic, which does not respect the sovereignty or the borders of the state. They think that they are in their own country – wherever they may live – and that the shari'a should become the law. This is the real danger.

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