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Aug 27, 2019
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Paris-Based Iraqi Writer Hilal Al-Obaidi: Iran is Exploiting Iraq in Order to Confront Israel; Iraq Is in No Position to Fight Israel, Its Sons Must Be Rescued

#7478 | 03:07
Source: Zagros (Iraqi Kurdistan)

Paris-based Iraqi writer Hilal Al-Obaidi said in an August 27, 2019 interview on Zagros TV (Iraqi Kurdistan) that the political parties and officials in Iraq are showing blind loyalty to Iran, which he claimed is exploiting Iraq in an attempt to turn the region into a framework for a conflict with Israel. He said that Iraq is in no position to confront Israel because its economy and infrastructures are collapsing, that it has no interest in the conflict between Iran and the United States, and that Iraqis must be rescued from a holocaust that others will benefit from. Al-Obaidi also argued that Israel has recently bombed Iraq because of Iraqi actions.

Following are excerpts:


Hilal Al-Obaidi: This country, and the political process that is taking place in Iraq – including several political parties, politicians, and political blocs, as well as influential people, government ministers, and [officials] from the national security apparatuses… [They all] demonstrate blind loyalty to Iran. This is all turning into a regional framework that is aimed at clashing with the Zionist entity. We say that Iraq is not in a state of confrontation with the Zionist entity… There are countries like Morocco, Algeria, and Egypt… Egypt shares a border with the Zionist entity, and it is a capable country. Why are Iraq and its sons being flung into a conflict the results of which have not been taken into consideration? If you had the ability to confront the Zionist entity, I would be the first to join you, take up arms, and go to the battlefield. But you do not have the ability to confront [Israel]. Iran is exploiting you for the purposes of its regional project.




Host: You have a complex. You are suffering from an anti-Iran ideological complex.

Hilal Al-Obaidi: You are trying to provoke me… I have Iraq's interests in mind. I do not have an Iran complex. A day will come when Iran… Just like Hulagu Khan conquered Iraq, just like Turkey conquered Iraq, and just like Great Britain conquered Iraq – a day will come when Iran's role will shrink. It will understand its real size and leave Iraq.




We must rescue Iraq's sons from holocausts for which they pay the price and the benefit is reaped by others. Iraq has no interest in the conflict between the U.S. and Iran.




Host: Just like Hizbullah in Lebanon is threatening to respond against Israel, there are pro-Iran parties that can respond against Israel and America. Don't be in such a hurry.

Hilal Al-Obaidi: Why do they involve Iraq in this situation? Iraq is wanted by the World Bank. Its economy is collapsing. Iraq does not control its [political] appointments. Iraq is under siege by the World Bank. Iraq has no growth today. The country is collapsing. The institutions and the infrastructure are collapsing. Sick Iraqis go to India or Iran for treatment, and these two countries have the worst medical services…




Other Guest: You said we involve Iraq in this – Iraq has not instigated anything. The Israeli entity is the one that came and bombed Iraq, in addition to the American forces that crossed thousands of kilometers and bombed Iraq…

Hilal Al-Obaidi: They came because of you! They came because of you! Why did the Zionist entity [bomb Iraq]? You are the ones who brought them!

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