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Apr 07, 2021
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Palestinian Writer Hassan Lafi: The Zionists Forced Facebook To Remove Any Support For Palestinian Cause, Made Hollywood Propaganda Movies About The Holocaust, Criminalized Holocaust Denial

#8788 | 02:04
Source: Al-Rafidein TV (Iraq)

Palestinian writer Hassan Lafi said that "the Zionists" forced Facebook to remove any support of the Palestinian cause from the platform. He made these remarks in an interview with Al-Rafidain TV (Iraq) that aired on April 7, 2021. Lafi added that the Zionists "ruled" Hollywood in the 1940s and therefore many films, TV series, and documentaries focused on Jewish tragedies such as the Holocaust. He then continued to say that the Zionists were even successful in criminalizing Holocaust denial, and gave the example of Roger Garaudy's trial.

Hassan Lafi: "[When the Zionists saw] that the world is advancing towards digital media, and that social media, such as Facebook, began to have presence and influence, and that Palestinian activists and the free people of the world who supported them began to use this platform to promote the Palestinian cause and to expose Israeli crimes, the sat down with Facebook, explained their stance, and threatened them.


"Words like 'Palestine,' martyr,' 'resistance,' or any other word that is related to the Palestinian cause, is immediately removed by Facebook. Facebook has become a platform for Israeli content, that fights against Palestinian content.


"We all remember that in the 1940s, when Zionism ruled Hollywood, many films, TV series, and documentaries dealt with Jewish tragedies with the Holocaust, and with Nazi crimes against Jews. This constitutes great media support [for the Jews], directed at the people of the world. Israel is now reaping the fruits of Israeli lies and propaganda.


"By the way, even with regard to the word 'Holocaust,' they succeeded in legislating laws that criminalize whoever denies the Holocaust. I am not denying it or endorsing it, I just want to show the implications..."

Interviewer: "There were thinkers who were put on trial, such as Roger Garaudy, in France and in other countries for speaking on that matter."

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