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Apr 01, 2019
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Palestinian Tycoon Munib Al-Masri: Israel Has 300-Year-Old Plan to Expand From Nile to Euphrates; Deal of the Century Cannot Pass As Long As Palestinians Live

#7143 | 02:14
Source: France 24 Arabic TV (France)

Palestinian business tycoon Munib Al-Masri said in an April 1, 2019 interview on France 24 Arabic that the world has turned to issues other than the Palestinian cause at the expense of the Palestinians, and that this is part of "hellish" Israeli plans that were laid out 200-300 years ago to spread Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates. He said that it is impossible for any Palestinian to agree to anything less to 1967 borders, East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital, and the return of the Palestinian refugees. Al-Masri also that Yitzhak Rabin had been the only Israeli politician who understood that the Palestinians must be given a state. Al-Masri claimed that the Palestinian resistance taught the Israelis an important lesson in the past two weeks, praised the "acts of heroism" of the Friday protests in Gaza, and added: "The Deal of the Century cannot pass as long as there is one Palestinian alive."

Following are excerpts:


Host: Has the Arab world turned to other issues at the expense of the Palestinian cause, especially since the Arab Spring?

Munib Al-Masri: Yes. All of these are Israeli plans, designed 200-300 years ago, to spread the State of Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates.




No Palestinian can agree to less than what Yasser Arafat agreed to: the 1967 borders, East Jerusalem as the capital, and the return of the refugees. It's impossible for anyone to agree [to anything less]. Mahmoud Abbas proved this when he stood up to Trump and rejected the Deal of the Century.




Palestine recognized Israel, but Israel will never recognize Palestine. They have not implemented anything they said they would.

Host: The assassination of Rabin did not help…

Munib Al-Masri: No. The only one who understood that [the Palestinians] must be given a state was Yitzhak Rabin. When he said, after talking to Yasser Arafat, that the two-state solution is the only possible option, they killed him. They also killed Yasser Arafat, and I don't know how many more people. This is because they have a hellish plan to not give us anything.




The Deal of the Century cannot pass as long as there is one Palestinian alive. You can see the acts of heroism every Friday in Gaza.




The resistance in Gaza taught them an important lesson in the last two weeks, and the Israeli government resigned. They understood perfectly well that things cannot go on like this.

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