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May 17, 2021
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'Al-Mujahideen Brigades – Palestine' On Telegram Threaten Major General Eliezer Toledano, Commander Of Israel's Southern Command: 'Your House Is Next'

#8847 | 01:32
Source: The Internet - "Al-Mujahideen Brigades Palestine on Telegram"

A video posted on Al-Mujahideen Brigades – Palestine on Telegram on May 17, 2021 threatens Major General Eliezer Toledano, commander of Israel's Southern Command: "Your house is next." According to the video, the homes of Gadi Yarkoni head of the Eshkol Regional Council, and of Alon Schuster, former head of the West Negev Regional Council, and the Sderot municipality have all been targeted.

On-screen text: "Gadi Yarkoni, Head of the Eshkol Regional Council; Home location: Nirim Settlement; Targeted.

"Alon Schuster, head of the West Negev Regional Council; Home location: Mefalsim Settlement; Targeted.

"Sderot Municipality; Targeted.

"Eliezer Toledano, Commander, Southern Command; Your house is next."

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