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May 05, 2020
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Palestinian-Syrian Journalist Ahmad Azzam: No One Represents Us; Hamas Leaders Shake Hands with Iranian Murderers, PA Supports the Murderers in the Syrian Regime

#7985 | 01:52
Source: Al-Hurra TV (The U.S.)

Palestinian-Syrian journalist Ahmad Azzam said in a May 5, 2020 interview on Al-Hurra TV (U.S.) that Hamas is an "immoral and insolent" political group that has no clear political position and whose leaders go to Iran and shake hands with murderers. He went on to describe the Palestinian Authority as a "wretched and diseased occupation authority," saying that the PA supported the murderers in the Syrian regime in their persecution of the Palestinians in Syria.

Ahmad Azzam: "To tell you the truth, Hamas always makes you view it as a cheap [group]. It does not have a clear political position and it is always after its own interests. Sometimes, people say: 'What can we expect? Hamas is a wretched faction trying to fawn over others.' This political pragmatism is immoral and insolent, especially when you hear that [Mahmoud] Al-Zahhar and many Hamas leaders go to Iran and shake hands with murderers. The problem does not stop with Hamas. Even the Palestinian Authority... The least that one can say about it is that it is a wretched and diseased occupation authority. As a Syrian-Palestinian, I have a problem with the Palestinian Authority. I have a problem with the PLO, which 'represents all sectors of the Palestinian people.' I feel that it has not represented me in the 7, 8, or 9 years of the Syria crisis and the Syrian revolution. The [PLO] conspired against us. We were dying of hunger in 2014 when we were under siege, and Abbas Zaki said: 'Never mind, you must starve the Palestinians' – just because Layla Khaled, the 'inspirational resistance fighter,' told them that there were ISIS members in the [Yarmouk] refugee camp. We were under siege in the camp, dying of hunger, when the leadership of the Palestinian Authority celebrated the opening of an embassy in Damascus. They supported what the murderers were doing to the Palestinian people, and I'm not even talking about the Syrian people."

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