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Aug 18, 2020
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Palestinian Sheikh Mraweh Nassar: Mosques In Palestine Have Been Turned Into Pigsties, Brothels, Bars, But The Number Of Mosques In Europe Is Growing; Islam Will Prevail Over The World

#8246 | 02:10
Source: Channel 9/Qanat TV (Turkey)

Sheikh Mraweh Nassar of the Palestine Scholar Association in the Diaspora said in an August 18, 2020 interview on Channel 9 (Turkey) that the UAE is building temples for Hindus while the Babri Mosque in India is being destroyed. He said that 1,200 mosques in Palestine have been turned into "pigsties, brothels, and bars," while 350 mosques have been built in Europe. He said that Christians have sold their churches to Muslims, who have established mosques in their stead. He added that in Moscow alone there are now 1,500 mosques, and that the time has come to bring Islam to the whole world.

Mraweh Nassar: "While the Babri Mosque [in India] is being destroyed, an Arab country, the UAE, opens temples for Hindus. Temples for Hindus are built in the UAE while the Babri Mosque is being destroyed. How do you want people to respect you? If they slap your face right and left and all you say is thank you, how will they respect you? They will never respect you like that.


"For the record, when the Zionists entered the Al-Aqsa Mosque, they raised the Zionist flag over the Dome of the Rock. Then, Moshe Dayan danced and chanted: 'Muhammad died and left behind only daughters. Take an apricot and an apple – the army of Muhammad is long gone. This is [retaliation] for Khaybar, oh Muhammad.' Then, the Turkish ambassador picked up the phone... I'm not saying this because I live in Istanbul. This is history. I am not asking for anyone's permission and I fear no one but Allah. These are [brave] stances that will go down in history. The Turkish ambassador called and said: 'You may have defeated the Arabs, but you have not defeated the Muslims.' He told them to remove their flag, and they did. If not for Turkey's intervention back then, the Zionist flag would have remained on the Dome of the Rock to this day.


"1,200 mosques in Palestine have been turned into pigsties, brothels, and bars. Where is the Arab League? Where is the Organization of Islamic Cooperation? It is as if they have not heard about it. What about the Babri Mosque, and other mosques? But despite all of this, brother, [Islam] is the religion of Allah. In Europe alone, 350 mosques have been built. Christians sold their churches to Muslims who turned them into mosques. Moscow used to only have one mosque, for the sake of appearance. When an Arab leader or a diplomatic delegation visited Moscow, they would pray there. Today, in Moscow alone, there are more than 1,500 mosques. The religion of Allah is spreading with them or without them. The religion of Allah is coming back, whether they like it or not. The genie has slept in the bottle for a long time, but now it got out and the religion of Allah will spread all over the world.


"The upcoming caliphate will be in Jerusalem, in Palestine, and the religion of Allah will prevail."

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