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Aug 22, 2020
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Palestinian Politician Edward Kattoura: The Oslo Accords Were Signed Without Consulting The UAE Or Other Arab Countries; Is It Forbidden For Others To Negotiate With Israel?

#8243 | 01:16
Source: Alghad (UAE/Egypt)

Palestinian politician Edward Kattoura of Mohamed Dahlan's Fatah Democratic Reform Bloc said in an August 22, 2020 interview on Alghad TV (UAE/Egypt) that the Palestinians had signed the Oslo Accords without consulting the UAE or other Arab countries. He asked if others are forbidden from negotiating with Israel without Palestinian consent. Kattoura said that the Palestinians live in a "swamp of deception" and a "terrible duplicity." He gave the example of the Palestinian opposition to Israel's siege on Gaza, while they support PA President "Mahmoud Abbas' siege on Gaza." He added that, similarly, the Palestinians oppose labor laws in Lebanon that prevent Palestinians from working while they support the PLO's firing of people for no reason.

Edward Kattoura: "Mahmoud Abbas, until yesterday, has said that he insists on negotiations. Are you allowed to negotiate [with Israel] while others are forbidden to do it? When you signed the Oslo Accords – did you consult with the UAE or any other Arab country? Did it not come to us as a surprise? We live in a swamp of deception, and I don't want to use the word "lies." This is true on all levels, not only with regard to the UAE. Take, for example, the Palestinian internal situation. On the one hand we are against Israel's siege of Gaza, but on the other hand, we support Mahmoud Abbas' siege of Gaza. We oppose the labor law in Lebanon that prevents Palestinians from working, but we support the PLO's firing of people left, right, and center for no reason. Therefore, we live in a terrible duplicity."

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