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Jan 01, 2005
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Palestinian Police Training Session, Speech by Police Chief Prior to Elections

#471 | 04:10
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

The following are excerpts from a Palestinian Police training session, and from a speech by police chief Saeb Al-'Ajez:

Caption: Palestinian police course commencement in Khan Yunes

Policemen: Ten Hut! Allah! At ease! Allah! How's the morale? High! How's the morale? High!

Officer on loudspeaker: Release one of the hostages to negotiate with us! This is the last warning, release one of the hostages to negotiate with us! If you want to be safe release one of the hostages.

Officers: Put your hands up! Hands up!

Al-'Ajez: The duties of the police are enforcing the law and maintaining order on the Palestinian street, In in addition to preventing the loss of security. The elections will take place in a week or ten days. These elections will determine who will be the next Palestinian leader after the death of our eternal leader and commander, president Yasser Arafat. We, the grandchildren of president Yasser Arafat, will continue in his path until the liberation of our lands. This man passed away hoping for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. He explicitly said: "If I don't declare its establishment, a Palestinian boy or girl will."

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