April 10, 2018
Clip No.

Palestinian Poet Adnan Balawna in Rally in Support of President Abbas: Trump “Son of Dog,”"Brother of a Skank" - You Want War? We Declare War!

Palestinian poet Adnan Balawna participated in a rally of solidarity with President Mahmoud Abbas, held in Salfit, the West Bank. Addressing U.S. President Trump, Balawna called him a "dishonorable idiot" and a "brother of a skank" and said: "You want war? We declare war!" A video of his address was posted on the Facebook page of Fatah in Salfit on April 10.


Following is a transcript:

Adnan Balawna: President Abbas called [United States Ambassador to Israel David] Friedman “son of a dog.” The President was not wrong. He was speaking the truth. He is a son of a dog, and his boss, Trump, is a dog. We say to Trump and to all his supporters: You want war? We declare war! You want war? We declare war! We shall ignite it in the east and in the west! We curse you, you dishonorable idiot! Trump, you brother of a skank! You cannot toy with my country! You have embarked on the worst possible path.