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Oct 12, 2006
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Palestinian Minister of Interior Said Siam on Iranian TV: An Attempt by Abu Mazen to Dissolve Hamas Government Will Be Considered a Coup against Legitimacy; President Bush - More Jewish than the Jews

#1292 | 04:12
Source: Channel 2 (Iran)

Host: If Mahmoud Abbas – in light of the authorities given to him – works toward dissolving the Palestinian government and parliament, thus dealing a final blow to Hamas, how will Hamas respond?


Minister Said Siam: We are bound by the law. It will not be easy for the Hamas movement and for the government, which was elected in free and fair parliamentary elections, if this government is dissolved after six months. We consider this to be a coup against Palestinian legitimacy.


None of the American governments has ever stood beside the Palestinian people or the Arab and Islamic nation. The American government has always been totally biased toward Israel, but George Bush's bias is even more obvious, and he has proven himself to be more Jewish than the Jews. He is hostile towards Islam and the Muslims. He reminds us of the Crusades against Islam and the Muslims. He has declared this more than once. Ultimately, this superpower will not remain strong. This is the law of nature: The strong grows weak, and the weak grows strong. But through this American policy, he establishes the hostility towards the American people.


Israel is the spoiled son of America, and it has been planted in the region for the strategic goals of America and Europe, in the heart of the Arab and Muslim world. In addition, the Zionist lobby controls decision-making in America, and they are the ones who control the policy making, and who intervene to determine the success or failure of the presidents. Therefore, all the political and financial resources in America are channeled to the defense of Israel in the region. But this will not last for a long time.


It is the policy of President Bush and the American government that is killing the Americans, and leading many people to extremism in ideology and in action. He does not learn from history or experience. Ultimately, it is the American people that pays the price.

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