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Nov 12, 2004
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Palestinian Legislative Council Member Hassan Khreishe: We Will Not Compromise on the Right of Return

#357 | 52
Source: Future TV (Lebanon)
Hassan Khreishe, Palestinian Legislative Council, appeared on Al-Mustaqbal TV (Lebanon). A portion of his interview follows:

I don't think there is any need for concern about the Palestinian cause as long as the Palestinian people is committed to its principles and position and is capable of standing firm and making sacrifices under any circumstances. I think there should be no concern about the essential issues as long as we retain our fighting spirit and our capacity to be steadfast and our readiness to make sacrifices. I hope that our brothers, especially in Lebanon, will not be worried about their status, since they, like us, are determined to be united through the sacred Right of Return. The Palestinian cause is essentially a refugee issue and we will not compromise on their return, no matter the number of casualties.

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