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Jun 02, 2020
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Lebanese Lawyer Omar Zein: We Should Fight Israel's Annexation Plans Even Though They Could Bring The End For Israel

#8066 | 00:59
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Palestinian lawyer Amer Zein, who used to serve as the Secretary-General of the Arab Lawyers' Union, said in a June 2, 2020 interview on Palestine TV that even though Israel would collapse if it annexed Palestinian territories, because the Palestinians would become a majority, this is the wrong approach, and Palestinians must fight the annexation. He added that armed struggle must be the duty of the Palestinian people, particularly at this time.

Amer Zein: "Some people say that if Israel annexes [Palestinian lands], it will collapse and come to an end because we Arabs will become a majority. It is true that this is a possibility, but still, we must fight against the principle [of annexation]. I don't want to give Israel the permission to annex [lands], while saying: 'Your days are numbered because we will become the majority.' This is the wrong approach.


"Armed struggle should be one of the national duties of the Palestinian people, particularly during this time."

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