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Oct 05, 2018
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Khan Al-Ahmar Friday Sermon by PA Judge Sheikh Muhannad Abu Al-Rumi: The Jews' Rabbis Sanction All Global Corruption

#6787 | 04:12
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Palestinian Judge Sheikh Muhannad Abu Al-Rumi delivered a Friday sermon at the Palestinian village of Khan Al-Ahmar on October 5. Sheikh Abu Al-Rumi criticized "the peddlers of the Deal of the Century" and said that the liberation of Palestine and the departure of the Jews constitute a "divine decree." He referred to the Jews as "foreigners" who falsify history and "dance over the blood and body parts of others," adding that "each and every instance of global corruption is sanctioned by their rabbis." Khan Al-Ahmar has been the subject of media attention following a May 2018 Israeli Supreme Court decision allowing for the relocation of the village. The Friday sermon aired on the PA's Palestine TV channel.

Following are excerpts:


Sheikh Muhannad Al-Ahmar: We say to the peddlers of the "Deal of the Century" and so on: Listen very closely to what we have to say. We will never put on the American hat, and we will never become cowboys. Listen very closely. We are the ones drawing our dreams and the dreams of our children. We live as we like, and we will not allow anyone to destroy our lives or share our Jerusalem with us. Jerusalem was entrusted [to us], and nobody has the right to relinquish it, to hand it over, or to talk about it. All that is required from us is to defend it with our bare chests, and to have our blood spilt in it, like those who came before us.




The Jews live off of conflict and the falsification of history. They get a fever from history, because they know very well that this people is tough and cannot be broken. They know that when this people makes a decision, it accomplishes what it wants. We will not accept dictates from anyone. They are threatening to stop the aid they give us. Threaten as much as you like, but we will continue to say: Jerusalem is not for sale, and our rights are not negotiable. Our rights are as clear as day. Khan Al-Ahmar is an inseparable part of the holy city [of Jerusalem]. Khan Al-Ahmar is the gateway to the heavens. Moses prayed for Allah to let him die a stone's throw away from Jerusalem. This is holy land. We are the ones who know its worth, not those foreigners who falsify history, who live and dance over the blood and body parts of others. Read their history. They are behind each and every instance of global corruption. Each and every instance of global corruption was sanctioned by their rabbis.




My dear brothers, in this dark hour people may be deluded to think that we cannot overcome the Jews. We have only one thing to say to them: The liberation of this land is a tenet of our faith, which will be realized in spite of everybody. The departure of the Jews from this land is a divine decree. Palestine, with its bride Jerusalem, is Arab and Islamic. There is really no need for us to prove the city's Arab identity. These matters are indisputable.




The war is not only over this piece of land. You all know that the Jews want all of it, not just a part of it. They want to subjugate us and turn us into their slaves.

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