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Feb 23, 2019
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Palestinian Journalist Nasser Al-Laham: If Someone Drops a Nuclear Bomb on Israel, I Will Write an Article Titled "I Don't Care"

#7059 |
Source: The Internet - "Maan News Agency"

In a video that was uploaded to Maan News Agency's Youtube channel on January 16, 2019, Palestinian journalist Dr. Nasser Al-Laham said that Israel has become so arrogant that one day someone angry will drop a nuclear bomb on it and there will be nobody left to say "Boker tov" ("Good morning" in Hebrew). He added that on that day he will write an article titled "Lo Ichpat Li," which means "I don't care" in Hebrew.


Dr. Nasser Al-Laham: I believe that the right-wing craze has caused Israel to lose its mind, and it will pay the price for all that is happening. I believe that this does not depend on the Iranian missiles. Furthermore, it seems as if Israel wants to be annihilated by nuclear missiles. They can keep considering themselves the strongest people, but one day, someone angry will come along and drop a nuclear bomb on them, and we will wake up and find no one who will say "Boker tov" ["Good morning" in Hebrew].

Interviewer: There will be no one left to say it in Hebrew or in Arabic either…

Dr. Nasser Al-Laham: On that day I will write an article titled "Lo Ichpat Li" ["I don't care" in Hebrew]. [Israel] has become so arrogant with its power that today everybody is its enemy.

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