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Dec 19, 2014
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Palestinian-Jordanian Professor Ahmad Nofal: Hamas Should Not Implement Islamic Law and Chop Off Hands and Heads

#4911 | 01:04
Source: Yarmouk TV (Jordan)

Dr. Ahmad Nofal, a Palestinian-Jordanian professor of Islamic law, said that Hamas should not implement Islamic law. "You are being ensnared by [ISIS]," he said. "They stone women and chop off hands and heads."

Following are excerpts from Nofal's address, which aired on Yarmouk TV on December 19, 2014.

Ahmad Nofal: Many people ask why Hamas does not implement the shari'a. Brother! Brother! Brother! Implementing the Shari'a?! Do you want to chop off people's hands, or what?! Brothers! Brothers! You are being ensnared by [ISIS]. They stone women and chop off hands and heads. Do you really want us to do all this? Hamas doesn't even have bread to eat.


[ISIS] doesn't even have a state, yet it [declares] a caliphate, implements the Islamic punishment, and sentences people to death for apostasy. How many of the leaders of the Jihad did they kill, accusing them of apostasy? "Allah be praised," they say, "we have killed an apostate." My dearly beloved, by them.


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