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Oct 22, 2017
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Palestinian-Jordanian Historian Husni Ayesh: ISIS, Al-Qaeda Emerged from Beneath the Cloak of the Muslim Brotherhood

#6241 | 01:14
Source: Alghad (UAE/Egypt)

Palestinian-Jordanian historian Husni Ayesh said that ISIS and Al-Qaeda had developed from the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood, "emerging from beneath its cloak." Speaking on Alghad TV on October 22, he said that the prevalence of the Islamist ideology stemmed from the people's exposure to its teachings and propaganda following their disillusionment with other ideologies, such as Communism and Baathism, after the 1967 defeat.

Husni Ayesh: "There are many organizations like ISIS."

Host: "So there is a Shiite ISIS, a Sunni ISIS..."

Husni Ayesh: "The [Iraqi] Popular Mobilization Units, for example, committed many acts of stupidity against the Sunnis, which are no different than the ones perpetrated by ISIS."


Host: "Many researchers trace the roots of ISIS and Al-Qaeda back to the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood. Do you agree with this?"

Husni Ayesh: "They developed from the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood, emerging from beneath its cloak, so to speak."


Host: "So the prevalent approach is one of violence?"

Husni Ayesh: "The Islamist approach is now prevalent, and as strange as it sounds, most people support that approach."

Host: "Why is that?"

Husni Ayesh: "Because they were exposed to those teachings, propaganda, and media, especially since 1967, when the Arab governments were defeated by Israel, and all their slogans were shattered. Then, the governments gave in to those [Islamists], who told people that they had tried Communism and had tried Baathism, and now it was time for them to try Islam. The governments allowed the Islamists to talk as much as they wanted, and soon enough, they were in control."

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