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May 17, 2017
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Palestinian Activist: We Will Wage Jihad for Another 100 Years to Liberate Palestine in Its Entirety

#6045 | 01:32
Source: Mekameleen TV (Egypt Muslim Brotherhood from Turkey)

Palestinian activist Muhammad Al-Shajrawi said, in a recent interview, that "it's either us or them" and that "we are ready to wage Jihad against them for another 100 years and raise our children upon the Right of Return to Palestine." Speaking on May 17 on Mekameleen TV, a Turkey-based channel run by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Shajrawi said that the only solution was "to send those Jews back to where they came from."


Muhammad Al-Shajrawi: "We understand one thing: It is either us or them on that land. There is no other option. The Crusaders remained in Palestine for 99 years, but we never heard any Arab or Muslim say: 'Let's split up Palestine between the Crusaders and us.' The Crusaders left, and Palestine remained. The Zionists have been in Palestine for 69 years, and we are ready to be patient for another 100 years. We are ready to wage Jihad against them for another 100 years, and raise our children upon the Right of Return to Palestine. Sheikh Ahmad Yassin said that we would return to Palestine in 27 years. Twenty years have passed, and seven more are left.




"Palestine will be regained in its entirety. We do not recognize a West Bank Palestine or a Gaza Strip Palestine. We know only one Palestine, with the Mediterranean Sea to its west and Jordan to its east, with Lebanon and Syria to its north, and Egypt to its south. We do not recognize any other Palestine. The one and only solution is for us to sweep off the occupation, and send those Jews back to where they came from. Show me a single Jew whose grandfather was born in Palestine. I can show you one million Palestinians whose grandfathers were born in Palestine."

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