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Jun 26, 2022
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Palestinian Islamic Scholar Sheikh Yousef Abu Islam: Homosexuals Should Be Thrown Off Rooftops, Stoned To Death; Allah Will Punish Us Like Sodom If We Don't Fight This Abomination

#9661 | 01:53
Source: Online Platforms - "Al-Aqsa Call on YouTube"

In a Friday sermon that was posted to the Al-Aqsa Call YouTube channel on June 26, 2022, Palestinian Islamic scholar Sheikh Yousef Abu Islam criticized Gay Pride Month and said that Allah has commanded that homosexuals should be thrown head first off the highest rooftops and then stoned. Abu Islam added that if Muslims do not stand up against the "abomination" of homosexuality, Allah will send the Angel Gabriel to "punish" them like Sodom.

Sheikh Yousef Abu Islam: "Before 1969, the U.S. government would punish anyone who wanted to perpetrate the abominable homosexual act.

"So [the homosexuals] would hide in bars, and the police would raid them and punish them. One day, however, they rebelled against the decisions of the state, and they picked that day in June — ever since 1969 — as a day to celebrate and declare a month of pride in their homosexuality.


"Allah punished male and female adulterers [only] with flogging or stoning, but when He decided to punish homosexuals, He said that they should be thrown head first from the rooftop of the tallest building, and then they should be stoned from the top.


"If we do not stand together against this great abomination, you will live to see [the Angel] Gabriel uprooting seven cities, lifting them to the skies, and then tossing them down to the ground, and this would be followed by stoning."

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