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Mar 23, 2022
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Palestinian Islamic Scholar Mohammed Afeef Shadid: Those Who Celebrate Mother's Day Have Lost Their Identity; We Should Celebrate Women Like Safiyya, The Prophet's Companion Who Killed A Jew, Rather Than Mothers Who Send Their Daughters To Mingle With Co-Eds At University

#9466 | 01:19
Source: Online Platforms - "Al-Aqsa Call on YouTube"

Palestinian Islamic scholar Mohammed Afeef Shadid said in a mosque address that was posted on the Al-Aqsa Call YouTube channel on March 23, 2022 that people who celebrate Mother's Day "have lost their identity completely." Shadid said that a mother who sends her daughter to university to dance and intermingle with men fails her daughter, while a son who only gives his mother a present on Mother's Day has failed his mother. He also said that the mothers worthy of reverence are women who resemble Safiyya bint Abd al-Muttalib, a companion of Muhammad who had killed a Jew who had been heavily armed and who even men could not fight.

Mohammed Afeef Shadid: "The people who celebrate Mother's Day are people whose personality has been shaken, and who have lost their identity completely. A mother who sends her daughter to study debka-dancing at Kadoorie University [in Tulkarem], where she intermingles with men is a mother who has failed her duty towards her children even before they fail their duties towards her.

"A mother who has to wait for this specific day to get a present from her child is a mother who failed her duty to properly raise her son. The Prophet Muhammad said: 'Your mother should come first, second, and third, and only then, it is your father's turn.'


"The mothers we revere are women like the grandmother of Abdullah bin Zubair, Safiyya bint Abd al-Muttalib, the heroine of the Far'e Citadel, who killed a Jew who was armed to the teeth, and who even the men could not fight."

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