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Nov 03, 2021
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Islamic Scholar Sheikh Abdullah Kitmitto: The Jews Are Behind Everything Corrupt In The World; Quasimodo The Jew Used His Deformity To Extort People; In The West, Calling Someone A 'Jew' Is The Worst Insult

#9178 | 02:24
Source: Palestine Today TV (Palestinian Islamic Jihad)

Islamic scholar Sheikh Abdullah Kitmitto, deputy head of the Al-Sham Islamic Scholars Union, said in a November 3, 2021 show on Palestine Today TV (Gaza/Lebanon) that the Jews are behind all corruption in this world, including drugs, killing, and prostitution. He said that all the leaders of the world have fought the Jews, who were despised and banished from every country. He added that the protagonist of The Hunchback of Notre Dame was a Jew who used his deformity to extort people, and said that in the West, the worst insult is to call someone a Jew.

Abdullah Kitmitto: "If you examine the roots of anything corrupt in this world, you will find that the Jews play a part in it."

Interviewer: "Correct."

Kitmitto: "Check the crisis of narcotics in the world, as a programmed took for the targeting of humanity – you will find that the Jews are behind it.

"The crisis of killing in the world – Jewish companies are working on it. They are the ones running the prostitution companies in the world. The Jews are also behind the companies [that trade in] nudity.

"The media that tries to rob people of their ability to be stable, to think... They keep people in the dark... They transmit 100,000 pieces of information every day. "

Interviewer: "False information that alters the customs and traditions of people..."

Kitmitto: "Exactly. Does this not constitute the sowing of corruption?"

Interviewer: "Of course it does."

Kitmitto: "All the leaders in the world fought the Jews."


Interviewer: "They were outcasts, hates by all the countries."

Kitmitto: "Exactly. People all over the world still read The Hunchback of Notre Dame. What does The Hunchback of Notre Dame talk about? It talks about a poor, miserable man, who is suffering... But this man is a Jew. He used deformity to extort people..."

Interviewer: "With cunning malice."

Kitmitto: "All over Europe... They are denying this but they are lying..."

Interviewer: "There is also the Merchant of Venice, in which a usurer wanted to cut off a piece of flesh..."

Kitmitto: "Exactly. Today, the West in it entirety – but they do not say so openly, because anybody who says that is called an antisemite – whenever someone wants to curse another person with a vehement curse, he accuses him of being a Jew."

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