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Jun 30, 2015
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Palestinian ISIS Fighters in Aleppo Threaten Hamas: Gaza Shall Witness Blood and Torn Body Parts

#4985 | 04:16
Source: Online Platforms

In an ISIS video, Palestinian fighters threaten Hamas, saying: "By Allah, we shall repeat what we did at the Yarmouk refugee camp in Gaza. By Allah, Gaza shall witness blood and torn body parts." The video, titled "A Message to Our People in Jerusalem," was produced by the "media bureau of Aleppo Province," and was posted on the Internet on June 30, 2015.

Following are excerpts:

Introduction: In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate. The media bureau of Aleppo Province presents: A Message To Our People In Jerusalem.

Abu Qatada: Allah wanted this land to be ruled by His shari'a. He wanted His laws and punishments to be implemented upon this land.


The first thing that [Hamas] did was to destroy the Ibn Taymiyyah Mosque. They stormed this mosque and killed the brothers there, accusing them of being kharijites. Why kharijites? Because they wanted to instate the shari'a of Allah.


The [Hamas] movement is not striving [to instate] Islam and the shari'a. All they want is to please Iran and America, the head of unbelief.


Abu Azzam: The purpose of Jihad is not to liberate land, or to take control over some piece of soil, and to rule it by the same law as the people who ruled there before us. Jihad means fighting in order to implement the shari'a of Allah.


But what is happening in our country, as they themselves admit, is "resistance." They are fighting for the land, out of nationalist zeal. The proof is that they do not mean to instate the law of Allah. They have governed Gaza for over eight years, but have they instated even one of the laws of Allah?


Look how they teach their soldiers loyalty to the flag. If I had this [Palestinian] flag here, I would have stomped on it and burned it. Do not be misled by what you see in the media - by their firing of missiles at the Jewish state from time to time. They were preceded in this by the filthiest human being, the pagan Nasrallah, as well as by the pan-Arab tyrants in Egypt, Iraq, and Syria. Honor cannot be attained by shooting missiles at Israel. Jihad must be waged in order to instate the law of Allah upon the land. This is what they did not do and have no intention of doing.

I say to our brothers in Gaza, imprisoned and persecuted [by Hamas]: Persevere. You should view them no more highly than cockroaches. Persevere. The day will come when you will be persecuting them. The day will come when you will be torturing them. By Allah, the tyrants who trained them here, in Syria, and in Iran are surrendering to us in the hundreds, wearing nothing but their underwear. The surrender [of Hamas] will be even more [humiliating]. By God, Allah will grant you victory over them.

Abu Aisha: By Allah, we shall wreak vengeance upon you. We shall make the children and the elderly among you cry, just as we did to you recently at the Yarmouk refugee camp. We killed your apostate dogs, with their rotten beards, those lying hypocrites who fought the shari'a of Allah. By Allah, we shall repeat what we did at the Yarmouk refugee camp in Gaza. By Allah, Gaza shall witness blood and torn body parts.


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