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Aug 20, 2021
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Palestinian TV Host Dina Al-Assi Praises Japanese Red Army Terrorist Kozo Okamoto, Who Participated In The 1972 PFLP Lod Airport Massacre In Israel: A Great Model, Arigato!

#9615 | 02:19
Source: The Internet - "Quds News Network YouTube "

In a show that was posted to the Quds News Network YouTube channel on August 20, 2021, Palestinian TV host Dina Al-Assi praised Japanese-born terrorist Kozo Okamoto, who participated in the 1972 Lod Airport Massacre in Israel, which resulted in the deaths of 24 people and the injury of 78. Al-Assi also thanked Japan for its support of the Palestinian people.

Dina Al-Assi: "'Ahmad' was [Kozo] Okamoto's nom de guerre. Okamoto was a young intellectual who was fluent in five languages. At the age of 24, he joined the Japanese Red Army.


"A squad that consisted of 'Ahmad,' 'Salah,' and 'Basem' – all noms de guerre of Japanese nationals – traveled from Beirut to Paris, and from there, they took a French plane to the Lod Airport in the occupied lands, where the attack would take place. On May 30, 1972, at about 10 PM, the plane landed at the airport after a long flight. The three comrades went to pick up their luggage like all the other passengers, pretending that everything was normal. But as soon as they reached their suitcases, they took out their automatic weapons and began firing in all directions and throwing hand grenades in the airport.


"As a result of this direct attack and the hand grenades, more than 21 Israelis were killed.

"The group retreated from the airport area, but clashed with a patrol of the occupation, killing another group of Israelis, thus bringing the total number of killed Israelis to 26, including the Israeli scientists who was the target of this operation, and dozens of injured people.



"[In Lebanon, Okamoto] was granted political asylum, and he lives now in a location that is kept secret for security reasons. It is true that we do not hear of Okamoto, who does not appear in the media, but our duty is to at least know his story, and tell the future generation about a man who was not Palestinian, but nevertheless, sacrificed his youth for the sake of Palestine.


"Okamoto is a great model for Arab and foreign fighters. He reflects what was done by many among the Japanese people, on whose aid we grew up when we attended the UNRWA schools. Maybe some of you still remember the gifts and aid for top students which would arrive as a donation from Japan. But it goes beyond that. Japan has donated – and I am sure is still donating – grants and humanitarian aid. In addition, Japan denounces the settlements after every aggression by the occupation against Palestine, and the Gaza Strip in particular. In light of these Japanese positions and solidarity, we say in your own language: Arigato."

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