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Feb 14, 2015
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Palestinian Historian Salman Abu Sitta: Israel Perpetrated Holocaust against the Palestinians

#4832 | 02:50
Source: Dream TV (Egypt)

Palestinian historian Salman Abu Sitta said that Israel "had set up detention camps and forced labor camps for the Palestinians" in 1948. "They did it the same way it was done against the Jews in Auschwitz," he said, in a February 14, 2015 interview on the Egyptian Dream2 TV channel.

Following are excerpts:

TV host Mona Salman: Under the clout of the sword of the Holocaust, which has become a means to inflame the world's conscience, Israel managed to establish its state. Even though decades have passed, Israel is still extorting the world by means of this notion. The revelations that my guest today has made come as a surprise to many: The same country that has extorted the world with its "holocausts" in Nazi Germany – which was not directed only against the Jews – has perpetrated, and perhaps still is perpetrating, its own holocausts in the Palestinian lands.


Aren't you exaggerating when you talk about a "holocaust" perpetrated by Israel, or maybe you are using the term metaphorically? What year did this happen? Tell us more about this historical revelation.


Salman Abu Sitta: I traveled to Geneva and photocopied 555 documents. I was astounded to find out that Israel or Zionism – back then, it was the Zionist gangs of the Haganah, Stern, and the Irgun – had set up detention camps and forced labor camps for the Palestinians. These camps were established in post-1948 occupied Palestine.

Mona Salman: They did it the same way it was done against the Jews in Auschwitz…

Salman Abu Sitta: Only three years after [the Auschwitz camp] was shut down in Europe, this was done again, and by people some of whom had been held in those camps. When I examined the names of the officers who survived the Israeli detention camps for Palestinians in 1948, I found that they had German names: Sneiderman, Mulseman, and so on. These were some of the most extremist Zionists. They established these detention camps.

When they would occupy a village in the Galilee, for instance, they would take all the males aged 15 to 60 in vehicles…

Mona Salman: These are some of the documents…

Salman Abu Sitta: This is about something else… So let's go back to the issue of the vehicles. They would take them to the detention camps, where the detainees would be used for forced labor. They would dig trenches for the Israelis, and would transport ammunition, as well as all the loot from Arab homes.


I compared my findings to a book by [Daniel] Goldhagen on Nazism. I found that the Israelis used the same methods on the Palestinians. They had the necessary experience, because the Nazi camps were shut down only three years earlier.


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