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Jun 30, 2019
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Palestinian Historian Jamal Al-Jawarish: Zionism Is Rooted in Protestant Belief in Jesus' Second Coming; The Ghettos Were Not Imposed on the Jews, It Was Their Idea

#7398 | 03:33
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Palestinian historian Jamal Al-Jawarish said in a June 30, 2019 interview on Palestine TV (Palestinian Authority) that the ancient Jews adopted the use of the Aramaic language from the Canaanites, whom he referred to as Palestinians, and he claimed that the Torah was originally written in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics around 1500 BC. He said that the Jews later collaborated with Xerxes, the Persian ruler, during the Babylonian exile in order to topple Nebuchadnezzar and Babylonian civilization. Seemingly contradicting his earlier statement, Al-Jawarish suggested that the stories in the Torah were written as a result of the Prophet Ezra's exposure to Assyrian, Akkadian, and Sumerian civilizations and mythologies during his time as Xerxes' advisor, and he suggested that the Jews attributed the authorship of the Torah to Moses even though he had lived 1,000 years prior to when it was written. Al-Jawarish went on to say that Zionism is based on principles put forward by Martin Luther, and that it is rooted in Christian eschatology and the belief in Christ's second coming. He stated that PA President Mahmoud Abbas' rejection of Zionism is directed at a billion Protestants who have had an "organized Zionist mentality" for 550 years.

Jamal Al-Jawarish: "The language used by the Canaanites was Aramaic. They were not using any other language. The Jews and the Israelis used the Aramaic language, which they adopted from the Palestinians. Moses was born in Egypt and was raised in Pharaoh's palace. The Israelites were used as slaves in the building of the pyramids. When the Torah was sent down, it came in the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic language, not in Aramaic. This took place around 1,500 BC."

Interviewer: "Right."


"What did Nebuchadnezzar do? He gathered the Jews in one compound. The ghettos were not imposed on the Jews. It was their idea. They practiced their religious rites in Babylon, and they collaborated with Xerxes, the Persian king, against Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonian kingdom. They managed to incite Babylonian society until the Babylonian state collapsed. In exchange for the toppling of the Babylonian state, Xerxes rewarded them. He had a political interest: 'You helped me topple the Babylonian state, and now I will reward you.' This is why he appointed Ezra as an advisor in his palace. So Ezra was exposed to the Assyrian, Akkadian, and Sumerian civilizations, as well as to dozens of ancient Biblical stories from the Egyptian and Assyrian civilizations. Man, the Israelites were slaves or 300 years. They would leave to work at six in the morning and return at six in the evening. They did not read, write, or know anything. So after leaving Egypt, how did they manage to write the Torah and attribute it to Moses, who had lived 1,000 years before? How?


"The Jewish Zionist movement was founded 400 years after [Martin Luther]. The principles of the Zionist movement, about which you can read in my book, are the very principles demanded by Martin Luther. Therefore, the Jews, who were brought over... Pay attention to what I am saying..."

Interviewer: "They were brought as a means to an end..."

Jamal Al-Jawarish: "They were brought as a tool in the imperial conflict, which is based on the biblical doctrine used by Martin Luther, stemming from the Revelation to John, who talked about the end of time...


"When President Abbas said 'No,' he wasn't saying 'No' to Benjamin Netanyahu or to Trump. He was saying 'No' to one billion Protestants, who want to see Christ coming down to this land. In keeping with their religious belief, they want to see Christ. Abbas said 'No' to one billion people – not to 13-14 million [Jews] here or in the United States. He says 'No' to 550 years of organized Zionist mentality. They have been planning for 550 years, and Abbas said 'No.'"

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