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Nov 21, 2004
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Palestinian Historian 'Issam Sisalem: What Temple and What Shtemple?! The Jews Are Like Marine Worms

#389 | 02:45
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

The following are excerpts from an interview with Palestinian historian 'Issam Sisalem:

'Issam Sisalem: It is disgraceful that groups of settlers originating in the Khazar Jews who converted to Judaism in 740, or the Sephardi Jews originating in the Iberian Peninsula, who converted in Spain and North Africa, and catastrophically showed up here all of a sudden in the 19th century. It is disgraceful that they make false claims. They remind us of parasitical marine worms who eat a certain type of snail and afterwards settle in its shell. We won't let anyone settle in our shells.

Everything on our land is holy to us and we will defend it and never be deceived, nor will we argue about biblical lies that penetrated the minds of some orientalists. We say: This land belongs to us. Jerusalem has been the capital of our capitals since the dawn of history, and will remain so. We won't share it with anyone. This land has known many tribes and invaders, from Mongolia in the East to the West. They all disappeared. The land is not theirs. There is no people that is the guardian of the interests of a colonialist movement that arrived only recently with deception, lies, and exploitation. All this is unacceptable!

The Torah disparages all of the prophets. It presents David as an adulterer and Solomon too. They say that the temple was here. What temple and what shtemple?! What archeological remains? Can the land be owned on the basis of remains? [Ancient sites] have been destroyed and built, countries have risen and declined. Why should a land be awarded to them on the basis of a few remains in a history of 12,000 years? This is a great lie that deserves nothing but my contempt.

This is our homeland, and whoever wants to build himself a temple – in America and Europe there is vast space for anyone who wants to build. Let the Americans and Europeans have them, but this land is ours.

They must learn a lesson from history - especially [the Jews], who traded in blood, traded in the Holocaust, and traded in this, that, and the other. In the 19th century they traded in Dreyfus, some guy who was persecuted. They traded and traded and whined. And they are still whining. Their whining even reaches the wall of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which the League of Nations said was an original part of the mosque. Let them whine as much as they like.

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