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May 23, 2022
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Skit By Gaza Actor Alaa Gadouha Urges Palestinians To Use Knives, Axes, AK-47s, And Cars To Murder Israelis During Sunday's Flag March

#9592 | 01:30
Source: The Internet - "Alaa Gadouha on Facebook"

Alaa Gadouha, an actor from Gaza, posted on his Facebook page on May 23 a short skit, which incited Palestinians to murder Israelis during the Flag March, which is planned for Sunday, May 29. Alleging that the Israelis plan to enter the Al-Aqsa Mosque, a character in the skit called on Palestinians to slit the throats of the "settlers" with their knives, chop their heads with the axes, and shoot them with their AK-47 on automatic mode. As another option, he called on them to run the Israelis with their cars, in order to "defend" the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

First actor: "The settlers are planning to go into the Al-Aqsa Mosque with their Flag March, on May 29, in a few days' time. What do you, the village chief, recommend that our young men do?"

Second actor: "I have only three solutions, three options and that's it. Option number one: The knife. Everybody has a knife at home. There are not excuses. Grab the knife and slit [their throats]. You must slit the settlers' [throats]."

First actor: "What is the second option?"

Second actor: "The second option is the axe. Even if it's a used axe, it still works. If you see a settler in front of you, cut off his head."

First actor: "What is the third option"?

Second actor: "The third option is the AK-47."


Second actor: "But don't use the single shot mode. Put it on automatic! Automatic!"

First actor: "If someone doesn't have a knife, and axe, or an AK-47, what can he do"?

Second actor: "Use your car. Run them over!"

First actor: "That's the easiest."

Second actor: "They will be gathered together, run them over! Kill them! Al-Aqsa is in danger. We must defend it."

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