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Nov 05, 2004
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Palestinian Friday Sermon: The Apes and Pigs Poisoned Arafat

#325 | 02:13
Source: Palestinian Authority TV
Following is an excerpt from a Palestinian Friday sermon by Sheik Ibrahim Mudeiris:

Sheik Ibrahim Mudeiris: Everyone wishes health and a speedy recovery to President Yasser Arafat, because this people – and I believe this with all my heart – due to present grave circumstances, this people really needs this leader. This leader, who has been under siege for nearly four years, only because he adhered to the national and Islamic principals of Palestine and did not take the holy places lightly.

Which one of the Arab leaders dared to say "no" in the White House? Who? No one– neither in the White House nor in the black – dared to say "no" to America, except for this leader. He said it and paid the price. He paid the price with his freedom and now he is paying the price with his life.

We are absolutely certain that the party responsible for the assassination attempt against the president is the Zionist government, We have no doubt that this government poisoned him, one way or another, in order to put him to death slowly. None of the doctors of the world – the modern and the undeveloped worlds – could treat the president and don't know his condition.

Those accursed, those apes and pigs - when they heard that the president had died they began to sing and dance. Do we not have the right to pray to Allah for his recovery, so he would be like poison in these pigs' hearts? Did you not see them on TV, embracing each other, singing, and dancing? These apes! These pigs! [Dancing] upon hearing of the president's death. This leader is considered the last of the free giants of our times.

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