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May 25, 2022
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Palestinian International Law Expert Samir Zaher To Palestine TV: Israel Steals Organs From Dead Palestinians, Gives Them To Zionists, Wounded Soldiers; The Rabbinate Sanctions This

#9595 | 01:24
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Palestinian international law expert Samir Zaher said in a May 25, 2022 show on Palestine TV that Israel steals the organs of Palestinians from their corpses and that the "Zionist Rabbinate" permits using the skin from the backs of Palestinian corpses in order to treat soldiers who were burned in attacks. In addition, he said that Israel is considered to be the "biggest supermarket for human organs" and that it gives organs to any "Zionist" that needs them. Zaher stated that this is considered a "grave war crime."

Samir Zaher: "The Zionists are stealing organs from [Palestinian] corpses."

Interviewer: "True, yes."

Zaher: "A Swedish journalist has documented evidence of this, in an investigative report that caused outrage all over the world, about how they steal corneas, bones, and skin from the back, and how they put plastic pieces instead of the corneas. Believe it or not, the Zionist Rabbinate permitted them to take the skin [from these corpses] and use it for soldiers who were burned in attacks.

"What's more, they steal the organs of the dead without the permission of their relatives, and give them to any Zionist that needs them. This is considered a grave war crime — stealing [organs] from people who are not alive and cannot say no. Israel is considered to be the biggest supermarket for human organs."

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