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Jul 11, 2014
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Palestinian Duo Returns with a Sequel to Its "Strike a Blow at Tel Aviv" Song

#4342 | 01:55
Source: The Internet

The following is a music video of a Palestinian song titled "Strike a Blow at Tel Aviv 2"; the video was posted on the Internet on July 11, 2014.

Song against backdrop of images: "Breaking news: The resistance is bombing and promises that more surprises are on their way.
"We are sorry… but Tel Aviv was bombed...
"and so was Haifa, Jaffa, Acre, Hadera, Dimona, and Ashkelon.
"All of Israel is under attack.

Announcement and title: Shadi Al-Bourini and Qassem Al-Najjar present: "Strike a Blow at Tel Aviv""

Lyrics: Strike a blow at Tel Aviv
We struck it once, and now we're back to do it again.
Bomb them and drive them out.
Strike a blow at Tel Aviv.
Strike a blow at Tel Aviv.
You have been attacking us for two years, but we have given you double payback.
For your sake Palestine – want to strike a blow at Tel Aviv.
Strike a blow at Tel Aviv.
Netanyahu, you son of a &#*$#, why do you play this game again?
Hear the response of my land and my people:
Strike a blow at Tel Aviv.
Trample, trample Tel Aviv.
Netanyahu, tell the people who burned Muhammad [Abu Khdeir]…
that tomorrow, Allah willing, we will burn them:
Burn Down Tel Aviv.
We want to burn down Tel Aviv.
Oh settlers, wearing a skullcap, hiding like a lizard,
I want to crush you under my feet.
I want to trample Tel Aviv.
Trample, trample Tel Aviv.
Oh accursed Netanyahu, you godfather of the settlers,
we are people of giants and we want to strike a blow at Tel Aviv.
We want to destroy Tel Aviv.
Strike, break, destroy, bomb. Kidnap any idiot soldier you see.
Let the Israelis tremble in fear.
Strike a blow at Tel Aviv.
Humiliate, Humiliate, Tel Aviv.
Let it be written in the annals of history:
We are a people that launches missiles.
From our children to our elderly:
We want to strike a blow at Tel Aviv.

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