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Jan 07, 2019
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Palestinian Cleric Saed Al-Tubasi Speaks Out Against Normalization with Israel: Muslims Must Hate the Jews

#6942 | 01:40
Source: Online Platforms - "Al-Foz Online TV (Kuwait)"

Palestinian cleric Saed Al-Tubasi said in a video posted on January 7 on Alfoz Internet TV (Kuwait) that the desires of the Jews are not limited to Palestine, as evidenced by the blue stripes on the Israeli flag, which he claimed symbolize the Nile and Euphrates rivers. He claimed that the Jews also want parts of northern Arabia and of southern Turkey. Sheikh Al-Tubasi added that the Palestinians are against normalization of ties with Israel and that the infidels are trying to change the education curricula in Muslim countries and to put an end to the concepts of Jihad and of disavowal of infidels. Al-Tubasi also said that Muslims must disavow and hate the Jews.

Following are excerpts:


Saed Al-Tubasi: Most of us know that the desires of the Jews are not limited to the holy land of Palestine. Their desires go well beyond that. Their flag is evidence of that. Their flag consists of a star between two blue stripes – the first stripe represents the Nile River, and the second represents the Euphrates. They also wish to take part of northern Arabia and part of southern Turkey. This is what they desire. As Palestinians, when we speak [against] normalizations, we want what is best for us and for all the Muslims.




Today, international agreements of normalization talk about "a lasting and comprehensive peace." So the infidels, and among them the Jews, whom we are talking about, enter the Muslim countries, where they change the curricula, talk in the media, and put an end to the concepts of Jihad and of Muslim disavowal of infidels. Disavowal means hatred, my brothers. The Muslims must hate the Jews, stay away from them, and never get close to them.

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