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Nov 17, 2015
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Palestinian Cleric Issam Amira: The Paris Attacks Were Carried Out by Western Intelligence

#5175 | 01:58
Source: Online Platforms

In a Friday sermon delivered in Jerusalem on November 20, Palestinian cleric Issam Amira said that the Paris attacks had been planned and carried out by the intelligence agency of a Western country "in order to pin the blame on Islam." Amira prayed to Allah to "deal with America" and with its European and Russian allies and to "kill each and every one of them."

Following are excerpts:

Issam Amira: How disgusting is the media, which filled the world with its arrogance, and with its condemnation of the Paris bombings, even though there is evidence to prove that these bombings - according to the analysis of one politician - were carried out by the intelligence agency of an anti-Islamic Western country, in order to pin the blame on Islam. This scenario was premeditated, in order to label the Islamic world as terrorist.


Issam Amira: Oh Allah, who revealed the Quran, who moves the clouds and defeats armies, deal with America and its allies and supporters, from among the Europeans, the Russians, and other heretic infidels. Oh Allah, count them one by one and kill each and every one of them. Do not leave a single one of them alive.


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